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Running this tour in partnership with Coaching in Bavaria, we offer an escape through Tuscany that is totally unique and unlike anything a normal tourist will ever experience. The tour is by our four-in-hand team of horses and Hunting carriage, taking you through the countryside into the Maremma region; nestled between the Mediterranean coast on one side and forested hills on the other. Accommodation consists of castles, wineries, private estates and stud farms, hosted by the estate owners, the padrones, who include you as a guest rather than a tourist; eating and drinking local delicacies alongside you.

Tour No. 9.1: Part 1 Siena – Maremma

6 Days oneway

Tuesday day 1

All guests are asked to make their own way to Siena during the earlier part of the day, perhaps a stroll over to see the famous Piazza del Campo, where the famous ‘Palio’ horse race takes place. We meet around 19.00 at the 4* ‘Garden’ Hotel that provides you with a spectacular view of the historic parts of town. Dineing at a traditional restaurant in the old town


Wednesday day 2: Siena-Mulino delle Pili

Heading into the forested area of Montagnola. Private routes allow us to pass Cetinale - the bright villa of the late lord Lampton. A track leads us to the old mill house of Mulino delle Pili here we spend the night. The carriage will bring you to the Luriano Castle, a private stud farm of Persano horses (old Italian breed) run by the Marchesa Misciatelli.


Thursday day 3: Luriano-Peruzzo

Upon leaving this imposing place, we continue through the dense oak forests, every so often crossing the creek where there is no access to a bridge. Emerging from the forests the view changes, in the distance, you can begin to make out the shoreline of the sea. Just after 12.00, we should approach the private estate of Peruzzo. Signore Marucchi welcomes you and invites you to lunch.


Friday day 4: Peruzzo

Relax, take a walk through the expansive grounds and vineyards or go exploring into the densely populated oak forests. A short car ride and you can try out your Italian in the neighbouring villages. If you have time to spare, take a trip to Roselle to the Etruscian excavations and tombs, the roman amphitheatre and a stroll along the original roman road.
Join us in the evening for a delicious Tuscan dinner.


Saturday day 5: Campagnatico

A change of scenery as we drive through the plains, cultivated for more than a thousand years from malaria-infected swamps. For lunch we stop for a picnic, accompanied with wine supplied by the local farmer (a breeder of thoroughbred horses). We pass by a walled-in palace-Paganico, proceeding to the medieval town of Campagnatico, our overnight stay is at the villa of the Countess Luisella Querci delle Rovere Galli.


Sunday day 6: Campagnatico-Alberese

Today we cover a longer distance, open country, secluded farmhouses and rough roads; barely a town or tavern insight. A picnic for lunch at the winery en-route. The former palace of the Austrian arch-dukes at Alberese, is your accommodation, a few houses, and a large government-owned estate full of Maremma cattle and horse breeds. See the ‘Butteri’ or local cowboys, herd cattle using the same methods for hundreds of years.


Monday day 7: Alberese - Parco Uccellina

In the morning join the ‘Butteri’ cowboys for a ride from 07.00. After the carriage will depart for the secluded nature reserve ‘Uccellina’. Today’s picnic will be laid out in a cave found on the reserve. With the evening, comes our farewell dinner in Rispescia restaurant: well known for its sea-food with fine dining we reminisce on an unforgettable experience.


Tuesday day 8

After breakfast our tour must sadly come to an end.
There is a train station in Grosseto with regular departures to Rome, Pisa and Geneva.

Tuscany: Siena - Maremma

Tour cost €3190 per person

Includes all overnight stays, full board, all drinks, luggage transfers, car transfers from start to destination, all permits for nature reserves and private trails, tourism taxes, all cultural programs and entrance fees


Tour No. 9.1: Part 2 Maremma - Siena


Monday day 1: Maremma- Sienne

The easiest route to Grosseto is via train operating frequently between Rome and Pisa. Once in Grosseto, it's easy to take a taxi to Alberese . Arriving in Alberese you will enter the former Habsburger garrison of the cavalry and artillery regiments belonging to the Grand Dukes of Tuscany. Spending the night at the summer palace ‘Palazzo Gran Ducale’. Dinner is provided by the Rispecia restaurant renowned for its seafood dishes.


Tuesday day 2: Parco Uccellina

Begin your first carriage ride with our well-trained four-in-hand team of horses through the nature reserve of ‘Parco Uccellina’ along the coast of the Tyrennic Sea. Luckily for you, we have the exclusive permits to drive through this nature reserve, venturing through the pine forests, sand dunes, clear coastline, and enjoy a leisurely picnic in a cave. Dinner is supplied by the local tavern.


Wednesday day 3: Alberese - Campagnatico

Driving along the merchant tracks that were used frequently in the middle ages we cross the river Trasubbie to eat our picnic. Our evening is spent in the Villa Bell Aria, belonging to the Contessa Luisella Querci di Rovere Galli who invites you to be the guest while she and her family act as hosts within the walled-in town of Campagnatico. For dinner we shall venture out to a local ristorante.


Thursday day 4: Campagnatico- Castello di Argiano

We leave Campagnatico and start by heading through Paganico- a medieval walled-in town that played a part during the wars between the Sienese and Argiano (Florence city state). After crossing the Ombrone River, we picnic along the banks of the river. We continue our route through seemingly endless vineyards to Banfi castle. Overnight stay is at the castello di Argiano.


Friday day 5: Argiano

Spend another day in Argiano. Take a short car ride to the monastery of San Antimo, an 8th century basilica currently run by Cistercian monks. Lunch will be organised by the local tavern and we will make an additional stop en route to the wine town of San Angelo in Colle. We shall dine again with the family for dinner; even the ‘Cardellini’ (acapella folk singers) from Monte Amiata will drop by for a visit.


Saturday day 6: Castello di Argiano - Lupompesi

We begin by driving from Argiano through to Gicondo castle belonging to the Marquesi di Freschobaldi; the route extends through vineyards and continues along the ridge above the Ombrone valley. Today’s picnic will be near Castiglion dell Bosco. Continuing down the winding road to the Ombrone Bridge that leads to Murlo and lupompesi. Here, a historic country hotel awaits us with an opportunity to visit the Estruschian museum.


Sunday day 7: Lupompesi - Castello di Tocchi

The carriage will drive from Lupompesi along the quiet roads towards Montepescini where a picnic lunch awaits us on a private farm. After our meal, we travel through the dense forests towards Tocchi; a secluded settlement where you will be accommodated for the night in either the villa Ferraia or Castello di Tocchi.


Monday day 8: Castello di Tocchi- Siena

We depart from Castello di Tocchi via the old roman road that will lead us to the river Merse. Here we will break for a scenic picnic for our lunch. The evening will be spent in the luxury of a 4* hotel bordering the city of Siena providing you with the best view of the citadel. Dinner is served at a local ristorante within the old town of Siena.


Tuesday day 9: Here our great journey

We can arrange a bus transfer on request or you can book a flight out of Florence (regular connections between Florence and Siena).


Tuscany: Maremma - Siena

Tour cost €3190 per person

Includes all overnight stays, full board, all drinks, luggage transfers, car transfers from start to destination, all permits for nature reserves and private trails, tourism taxes, all cultural programs and entrance fees

Round tour 12 days: Tuscany: Siena - Maremma - Siena

Tour cost €5790 per person

includes all overnight stays, full board, all drinks, luggage transfers, car transfers from departure to destination, all permits for nature reserves and private roads, taxes tourism, all cultural programs and tickets